Grita Angelucci admin March 1, 2020

About Grita Angelucci

Grita Angelucci: Director and Visionary Leader at Property AU - Shaping the Future of Real Estate Excellence.

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Grita Angelucci is a fully licensed Estate Agent at Property AU. She has over 16 years of experience selling both properties and businesses and a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the hospitality sector. Having owned and operated highly successful hospitality businesses for over 25 years, Grita also gained valuable insight into the industry by working in numerous businesses her Father owned.

These ranged initially from small humble cafes to managing the iconic Number Nine Darling Street Reception Centre.

Grita’s first-hand experience in both hospitality and real estate gives her the ability to effectively advise and represent clients in every aspect of the sales process. She is a seasoned professional who understands that no two businesses are alike and customises individual sales strategies and marketing campaigns to achieve the best results. She has sold a variety of businesses from small to large multi-million-dollar operations. Grita’s extensive professional and personal network gives her a distinct advantage, particularly with profile clients and off-market deals. Her honesty and integrity gain her client’s trust, whilst her knowledge and experience set her apart.

With the exponential growth of the business division over the last few years and the demand for quality brokerage services, it was time to separate the property and business divisions at Property AU. Whilst they will continue to work with one another, Grita is excited to be launching BUSINESS AU, which will not only have its own identity but will take boutique brokerage services to another level.