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Education is a big part of our DNA.


If your serious about investing in property, then you need to get well informed before you make any property investment decisions. For many years Property Au has been educating everyday Australians on all aspects of property investment including, local and national market insights, potential growth areas, changes in legislation and and for first time investors, providing guidance about where they need to start and who they need to speak with before moving forward.


Stay tuned for for our upcoming events for 2019 and also new free resources for anyone who want to learn.

“Serge really helped me through the entire process. We learned so much. Couldn’t have done it with out you. Looking forward to working with you again.”

Jim Saylik Property AU
Jim Saylik

“Not just another property company! For many years they have gone above and beyond in looking after my clients.  Love working with Property Au.  They’re definitely the real deal!”

Deanna Wittey Property AU
Deanna Whittey
Want Finance, Director


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What to expect with your FREE session:

1 We seek to understand your situation

2 We educate you on your best path

3 We support you with every single step

“Why I dropped my $1,000/hour Property Coaching Fee and am now helping people for FREE!”


Because my job is to MAKE you money, not take your money.


I’ll get much more enjoyment showing you how to improve your financial situation (and life), through smart property investing, than charging a fee.


I’m more interested in a long term relationship… And if you choose us to help you, great! If not? That’s okay too. Let’s chat…


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